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Pacifica is poised to reap the benefits of my four years of experience as an elected official. I humbly ask for your vote as City Council representative for District 5 so I may continue to protect the community we love and enhance the quality of life for all Pacificans.

In 2018, I ran for City Council and pledged to protect people, homes, and businesses; improve our infrastructure; and strengthen our economic base. I have worked diligently over the past four years to prove that Pacifica voters made the right choice:

  • Increased affordable housing - city has approved more than 70 accessory dwelling units since 2020

  • Council approved General Plan update - major milestone!

  • Council approved Sharp Park Specific Plan to revitalize historic downtown neighborhood

  • Completed emergency repairs and reopened Pier after storm damage. Secured state funds for further Pier improvements

  • Council approved draft Local Coastal Plan - under review by California Coastal Commission (CCC) - first update since 1980!

  • Allowed outdoor dining and retail during Covid shut down

  • Intervened with PG&E to help new businesses open faster 

  • Seeking restrictions on Short Term Rentals to protect our neighborhoods

  • Was appointed Vice Chair of statewide Coastal Cities Group 

  • Was appointed to San Mateo County Resource Management and Climate Protection Committee

  • Passed Temporary Safe Parking Program to help unhoused

  • Passed the Oversized Vehicle Ordinance to improve safety for biking and walking on city streets

  • Approved Phase I of the Beach Boulevard Infrastructure Resiliency Project - big step toward rebuilding the seawall

  • Council approved Civic Center rehabilitation project to protect City employee health and safety

  • Established Pride Day Celebration in Pacifica

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